From our experience, we realized that most of the people demands for the model escorts. As, we provide escorts service in all the metros of India, thus it is important for us to satisfy that demand of the market. Therefore, we have set ourselves in Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore, because, these cities are known for their film and television industries. Therefore, from these cities, we can get the access to the circle of beautiful females.

There are three type of females are present in the film and television industry, including Bollywood. First one is strugglers. Second is established. And, the third one is popular or actors or models with celebrity status.

Moreover, the truth is every celebrity goes through the phase of struggle, then establishment and finally archives the status of celebrity. Thus, every actors and models are facing almost similar situations in their life. They were also struggle for their room rent, bills and other expenses. Thus, during the period of their struggle, some of them become high profile escorts. And, most of us commonly call them model escorts.

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  • Struggling Models: During this phase, to earn extra amount for their needs, some of the female models and actresses starts to provide escort service. But, as our society is bit conservative, thus these girls are using fake names to introduce themselves. As a part of society and film and television industry, no one wants to be famous as an escort girl. By the way, we always suggest our clients to start from these struggling model escort. Because, they are available of comparatively less price than established and celebrity escorts. And, if their luck and acting skills worked together, then may be one day they will become famous too.
Model Escort Mumbai

Model Escort in Mumbai

Age Range: 18 to 25 Years.

Price Range: 50 Thousand to 1 Lakh

Available in: Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune, Delhi, Jaipur, Goa, Hyderabad, Chennai and Kolkata.




Escorts Service >> Bangalore >> Mumbai >> Delhi >> Pune >> Kolkata >> Jaipur >> Hyderabad
  • Existing Models or Actresses: These girls are either play side role in movies, or appear in Top Actress escortTV commercials and Television serials. They are working hard to achieve the status of celebrity. Moreover, these girls are more expensive than strugglers.

Age Range: 18 to 29 Years.

Price Range: 1.5 Lakh to 2.5 Lakh

Available in: Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi, Kolkata.




  • Celebrity Models: This is the expensive section, where you can date real models, real Bollywood actresses and other famous females. But, to reach them, you will need to verify yourself. Thus, to identify that you are a genuine person who can afford celebrity escorts, you will need to follow some steps. We love to maintain secrecy, thus we will disclose the steps on phone call only.

High Profile Escorts ServiceAge Range: 21 to 34 Years

Available in: Mumbai

Therefore, struggling and existing model escort can be hired on first attempt. But, celebrity escort can be hired only after few successful deals. And, if you want to try any high profile escort by today, or after some day, feel free to contact for appointment with model escorts.

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